11 LightRoom presets by Andrew Shatalin (@a.shatalin)


Feel the atmosphere of vintage photography, fill your feed with depth and meaning!


This set was created by photographer Andrew Shatalin (a.shatalin). These presets will help you to highlight the most important details of the work. And the muffled tones and grit fill your photos with special emotions


– 11 exclusive presets for LightRoom
– vintage photo effect
– soft muted tones
– film stylization
– atmospheric photos
– suitable for porter shooting
– object shooting


This product is compatible with any version of Adobe LightRoom 4-6, LightRoom CC and LightRoom Mobile. Suitable for editing photos taken in RAW and JPEG format. In the kit you get instructions for installation, use and files for help.


Quote of the author:
"I want to share with you my view on the photo. It is important for me that the viewer can immerse himself in the atmosphere of the photo.

Live this moment with the author. I always try to pay attention to the details, they make the photo unique

Some presets will look too dark, so be sure to turn off the gradient and adjust the exposure.
The most important thing - do not be afraid to experiment and you will definitely succeed "

Andrew Shatalin
Relive photos by dragging the slider
With this set you will have:
- 11 presets for LightRoom and LightRoom Mobile
- Guide for installation and synchronization of presets with a smartphone
- Auxiliary materials


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