20 LightRoom presets by Dmitry Lazykin (@dimalazykin)

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Transform your photos from travel and fill them with new colours! Incredibly diverse colours of these presets will suit any lighting conditions and locations.


This set of presets was created by photographer and traveller Dmitry Lazykin. More than 350 thousand people are already following his page on Instagram. Dmitry says: “When creating my own series of presets, I was inspired by the cities and countries that I visited in the last couple of years, and that’s more than 50 countries and 100 cities”.


These presets are perfect for those who can’t imagine their lives without travelling and who want to keep a bright, colourful feed.


– 20 bright presets for LightRoom and LightRoom Mobile
– Travel and Nature
– Travel and Lifestyle
– Commercial editing
– Clean, light shades
– Rich colours


This product is compatible with any version of Adobe Lightroom 4-6 and Lightroom CC. Suitable for editing photos taken in RAW and JPEG format. In the kit, you get instructions for installation, use and files for help.


Quote of the author:
"Every time I go on a trip, I learn something new for myself and communicate with the best photographers. and they give me the opportunity to see the world and myself from a new and better side: there are no barriers, walls and borders, and these feelings I try to convey to others through their photos and a series of presets, created specifically for you.

I picked up all possible usage scenarios so that it would not take long to understand all the intricacies of working with colour. I'm sure that everyone will find a suitable preset of 20 represented by me, ideally suited for you! "

Dima Lazykin
Photographer, Traveler
Relive photos by dragging the slider
With this set you will have:
"Abu Dhabi", "Baku", 'Bentley", "Berlin", "Cappadocia", "Commerce", "Dubai Desert", "Dubai Night", "Hong Kong Rooftop", "Hong Kong Sunset", "Italy Lake", "Italy Stars", "Lisbon", "Paris Football", "Paris Olegcricket", "Paris Portrait", "Rooftop", "Switzerland", "Switzerland Bentley", "Switzerland Lake"
- 20 travel presets for LightRoom and LightRoom Mobile
- Guide for installation and synchronization of presets with a smartphone
- Auxiliary materials


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