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Earn money by selling your filters with FilterHero

If you are a photographer or a popular blogger, start making money selling your photo filters. We will create for you a beautiful personal page of the artist, where you upload your filters 1 time, and will receive additional passive income every month. While living an interest in photography. That is always!

Our artists earn from 30.000 rubles a month and get more sales than if they did it alone. You sell more by viewing and navigating to your page from other photographers and bloggers FilterHero.
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Your 70% commission from each purchase
We pay more than anyone else in Russia or on foreign websites. Every month you receive money on your personal card in any bank, PayPal, Yandex. Money or in any other convenient way.
We will help you create filters if you can't
If you are a blogger and are used to processing photos on your phone, our team of experts will help you create your own LightRoom filters, while maintaining your personal style of processing! Yes, we can do it!
Absolute transparency of work
You get sales reports every week or at your request. You always know how much you earned and all the information about how things are going. We work with the best artists, and we guarantee them the best conditions and absolute transparency.
We will help answer your questions.
What you need to start?
In order to start selling filters you need very little.
Namely: LightRoom filters themselves and one before and after photo for each filter. In our experience, kits in which from 10 to 15 filters are best sold. On each page of the artist there is a small description and a personal appeal to the buyers. We want you to be proud of your work and share your thoughts or experiences. You are an example for novice photographers!
You can also attach photos in RAW format so that we can make a beautiful video presentation about your collection. FilterHero customers can see for themselves how your filters work.

The "perfect folder" that you can do for us and send will contain the following:
- LightRoom filters, each with its own individual name.
- Photos "before-after", which are cropped to the vertical format of instagram in the proportions 4x5. (Experience shows that 2 side-by-side photos in 4x5 format look best visually)
- 1 horizontal photo for your screen saver
- General description of your set. 3-4 phrases will be enough.
- Small random text for the "Quote of the author", which leaves for buyers every artist.
- Description of the filters themselves, each separately (optional, but since we are talking about the "ideal folder", then this is welcome)

To send your "perfect folder", we recommend using the WeTransfer file sharing service. It is very fast and convenient, believe me! Send your ideal folder to contact@filterhero.ru and in just 1 day, your page will be ready and running.
Can I sell my filters on other sites?
Yes of course! We do not bind you with any exclusive obligations. FilterHero will in no way prevent you from developing your personal projects or hindering the sale of filters on your personal website.
Will you "promote" and advertise my filters?
Yes! We work individually with each artist and we want to create our own personal history. We can do an interview for you and post it on our website, or write a motivating article about your work. We also have advertising in social networks and a monthly newsletter in the database of our subscribers. In addition, you will receive thousands of new views from other FilterHero partners, which will increase sales and increase interest in your page.
What will my artist page look like?
Scroll down this page to see examples of other artists. You will have a holistic page that will fully disclose your product, which contains a detailed description, good examples, a video presentation, your personal quote and links to your pages in the social. networks



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