10 LightRoom presets by Kirill Scom (@frozenbite)

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Give your landscape and travel photos a cool, contrasting style of editing, combined with warm shades that are perfect for nature and outdoor photography.


This set of presets was created by photographer and traveler Kirill Skom. Kirill notes that he considers himself a perfectionist and can sit for hours editing photos and work everything out thoroughly. These presets will help you achieve a clear contrast image that will grab viewers attention. After all, one of the main goals, in the opinion of the artist, is that the photo should be seen, and not simply scrolled quickly in the feed. This set is mostly dominated by cold tones and blue.


– 10 presets for Lightroom and LightRoom Mobile
– Nature photography, travel and outdoor photography
– Rich color and contrast
– Cold shades
– Shadow and light editing
– Some presets are great for getting rid of pesky shades and unpleasant yellowish hue


This product is compatible with any version of Adobe LightRoom 4-6 and LightRoom CC. Suitable for editing photos taken in RAW and JPEG format. In the kit you get instructions for installation, use and files for help


Quote of the author:

"The pack consists of 10 presets, the creation of which inspired me to visit Dombai, where I was able to shoot forests, mountains and nature." In this package I tried to mix my cold colors with warm ones, which are more typical of nature.

The photo for me is not just a hobby, it's already a formed lifestyle when the camera is with me 24/7 and I never want to miss a single shot. "

Kirill Scom
Relive photos by dragging the slider
With this set you will have:
- 10 Cold Nature presets for LightRoom and LightRoom Mobile
- Guide for installation and synchronization of presets with a smartphone
- Auxiliary materials


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