12 LightRoom presets by Andrew Kirnov (@muphphoto)

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In this set, the author rarely uses muted colors, preferring vibrant and bright colors. But, as they say, in each rule there are exceptions. You can also find unusual color solutions, in which the author allowed himself experiments with natural color.


This set of presets was created by the landscape and interior photographer Andrew Kirnov, who travels extensively throughout Russia and not only. Special love for the artist recently enjoyed the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia, so in this set there are many presets that allow improving photographs with mountain landscapes.


– 12 travel presets for LightRoom and Lightroom Mobile
– Ideal for travel
– Bright and vibrant colors
– Under different shooting conditions
– Atmospheric photos
– Cold / warm colors


This product is compatible with any version of Adobe LightRoom 4-6, LightRoom CC and LightRoom Mobile. Suitable for wditing photos taken in RAW and JPEG format. In the kit you get instructions for installation, use and files for help


Quote of the author:
"So it turned out that the photo, even the dawn of its creation, had to be edited in one way or another. What can we say about our digital time, when there are so many options for creativity or even basic, but necessary "improvement". No matter how good your lens and camera are, the final picture will always need a bit, so to speak, twisting. The main thing is to add emotions to the photos that are soulless The camera doesn't yet know how to do it.

And presets for Lightroom are a great way to at least try to do it. And although a universal recipe doesn't exist, you already have something to push off from. After applying the preset, don't forget to correct the exposure and white balance. To all the world, i wish you luck and cool lighting!"

Andrew Kirnov
Photographer, Traveler, Pentax ambassador
Relive photos by dragging the slider
A detailed description of presets and suitable conditions for their use:
Autumn in the Valley - vibrant preset, enhancing both warm, and some cold shades. He will pull out the shadows and add light and color to the dark areas, while darkening the sky.

Spring = Autumn - As you can see from the title, this preset will repaint the photo with a vibrant greens in warm autumn colors.

Tuscan Morning - Great option for a dawn landscape with a clear cloudless sky.

Aquamarine River - A preset that enhances the color of water in the direction of the turquoise. In this case, the general tone tends to the warm side.

Dramatic Red Sky - Sunset turned out so-so? It's easy to fix with this preset.

May in the Mountains - A rich, sharp and contrasting preset for those who love vibrant, pure colors and are not shy about it!

Warm City - Preset for those who are slightly late for the setting sun and the shadows have already become cold. Adds a picture of warmth and pastel shades.

Green Hills - Perfect for first spring photos. It is beneficial to emphasize the freshness of young greenery and add texture to the sky.

Real Color of Inguri - At the river Inguri in Georgia is a very beautiful color of water. True, the camera for some reason sees it a little differently, so this preset is needed. Naturally, it will be useful for many other natural landscapes with an abundance of green and blue.

Red Gold of the White Sea - Preset reinforcing sunset and dawn colors. Also works out the foreground and thick shadows.

Bad Weather - Not every trip has good weather. And in Russia, even more so. Then for dramaticity, let's emphasize this!

Yellow Khibiny - Everyone who shot in the mountains knows that even when the sun is still quite high, deep blue shadows dominate the gorges. Preset removes them and makes the picture warmer and more positive.

With this set you will have:
- 12 presets for LightRoom and LightRoom Mobile
- Guide for installation and synchronization of presets with a smartphone
- Auxiliary materials


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