15 LightRoom presets by Oleg Cricket (@olegcricket)

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Add a story and the feeling of timeless classics to your photos with a single keystroke! 


This set of presets was created by the artist and traveller Oleg Cricket. This man is a living legend, his creativity on Instagram is followed by more than 950 thousand subscribers. These presets will help you add a vintage atmosphere, create a film photo effect.


– 15 professional presets for LightRoom
– Vintage effect
– Soft muted tones
– Photo film effect
– Ideal for portraits
– Cold / warm shades
– Personal style


This product is compatible with any version of Adobe Lightroom 4-6 and Lightroom CC. Suitable for editing photos taken in RAW and JPEG format. In the kit, you get instructions for installation, use and files for help


Quote of the author:
"I am the artist of my own life, and like any artist I always remain dissatisfied, this is the essence of creativity, I think. This is what will remain - when we are gone. "It is crucial for me, continually touching your emotions with your photos, I want them to make you feel what I felt in those moments when I pressed the shutter release.

Here you see the presets that I created after numerous questions about how I achieve such shades and colours. I give you what I have been designing for a very long time, but please understand that you will achieve the same colour correction with a single keystroke, but you still have to work on the overall composition of the pictures, the idea and the story behind your photos This way you can develop your own style."

Oleg Cricket
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A detailed description of presets and suitable conditions for their use:
Taboo (Vintage preset for styling portrait photos.) Adds deep brown in the shade, corrects and levels the skin tone, adds granularity and digital noise to the photo to give a film effect)

Dominicana (Warm vintage preset: Reduces the saturation of bright colours, such as green and blue. Reduces the range of colours to yellow and reddish-brown hues.) Raises the opacity of the photo and makes it less contrasting)

Di Braies (The predominant deep cold blue tint in this preset is ideal for landscape photography, where there is a lot of blue , for example, when shooting water or the sky)

Jordan (Very light, warm preset, gives the entire photo a soft sand tint)

Cuba (Use this preset for dark shots, it will give the photos a strong contrast and a vibrant red tint, ideally works with the skin and adds warm tones to the light areas of your photo. Try applying this preset to pictures with interior items, newspapers, coffee beans, wood or skin)
Movie (Color correction, which is used in most films.) A contrast of warm and cold colours, suitable for portraits, as it smooths the skin tone and aligns the range of yellow shades.The light areas of the photo "colours" in a bright turquoise colour)

Dark Rose (A vintage preset that is designed to work with red colour.)

Africa (Ideal for photography at sunrise or sunset, or if the image has warm light sources, such as lamps, lanterns or candles)

Desert (A soft, unsaturated preset for portrait photography, warm shades, haze and light film grain)

Wadi Rum (Dark portrait preset, removes the overexposure of the photo, softens the skin tone, removes the whole range of shades from blue to violet, adds a little green colour to black)
Film (Gives white a vintage light greenish shade and artistic "noises")

Lantern (A dark blue preset, to impart a cold atmosphere to the photo.)

Roma (Warm, balanced presets, suitable for architectural photos or portrait photos on the background of buildings, slightly discolours the yellow and orange colours in the picture, adds granularity and a few "noises")

Sunrise (The ideal preset for bright summer sunny photographs or photographs taken during the daytime: soft light, warm colours)

Vintage (The main vintage preset that Oleg uses)


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