21 LightRoom presets by Denis Mamin (@the.qwerty)


Discover the beauty of the two worlds of photography: urban architecture and stunning scenery beauty! In this set you will find presets that will help you transform your favorite photos from travelling!


This set of presets was created by photographer and traveler Denis Mamin. Here are collected presets from a person who does not understand his life without photos and travel! Denis hasn’t spent a day without his camera for more than 7 years and knows everything about photography. His presets will create something beautiful from your shots, and it does not matter what you take your photos with!


– 21 professional presets for LightRoom and LightRoom Mobile
– Natural soft shades
– Ideal for travel pictures
– Warm colors
– Excellent fit for pictures with architecture
– Underline details
– Suitable for evening and night shoots


This product is compatible with any version of Adobe LightRoom 4-6 and LightRoom CC. Suitable for editing photos taken in RAW and JPEG format. In the kit you get instructions for installation, use and files for help.


Quote of the author:
"Camera gives people an opportunity to see the world from its best side. Show its uniqueness and reveal all the beauty. And, thanks to the correct editing, I can emphasize this, so that others notice how beautiful our world really is.

I was always particularly attracted to architecture and city landscapes. They have clear lines and an ideal geometry that does not let go. Therefore, the pictures taken in beautiful cities are especially inspiring.

In my collection, I tried to collect only the best presets for editing architectural and travel images, so that absolutely everyone could discover the charm of photography!"

Denis Mamin
Photographer, Traveler
Relive photos by dragging the slider
With this set you will have:
- 21 presets for LightRoom and LightRoom Mobile
- Guide for installation and synchronization of presets with a smartphone
- Auxiliary materials


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